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Ladies Night TV

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#2010BookList — Happy Reading :)

These books made me better by inspiring me and keeping me encouraged!! Some of them I’m reading now, but most of them, I’ve read and would recommend to anyone!! Enjoy :)

The Daily God Book by Erin Keeley Marshall

The DGB is my faaaaavorite book.  I literally keep this one on the table next to my bed or in my handbag because it gets me thru every storm and just calms me overall. Its an amazing book to read for daily devotion. It’s extremely conversational and uses scriptures and spiritual/bible examples to reinforce everyday challenges.  I love how the back of the book references different emotions and lists the page that talks about how to deal with that specific emotion.  For example, when I was dealing with worry, I looked up “worry” in the back of the book, went to the page and read the passage that spoke directly about being worried.  It mentions a scripture, an example or story and my favorite part is the prayer at the end of each passage. It’s very easy to read and you do not need to be a walking, talking bible  to relate… This book is truly amazing.

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2nd Annual New Year’s Day Vision Board Brunch

2nd Annual New Year’s Day

Vision Board Brunch

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Top 5 First Date Questions and more…

Nothing is worse than that “awkward silence” between two people getting to know each other… Here are my Top 5 First Date Questions that will help you avoid that uncomfortable moment and keep the convo flowing… :) Continue reading »

The Vision Board Brunch [7.24.10]

Proverbs 29:18 | Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he who keeps vision, is happy.

I wanted to personally thank everyone for their support of the New Years Vision Board Brunch on 1/1/10.  What a phenomenal experience it was!!  From its inception, the VBB encompasses transparency, love, compassion, inspiration and friendship.   This event is more than defining, it is transforming!!  It goes beyond goal setting – it’s about trusting the Spirit, having faith in God & speaking your destiny into existence with other like-minded individuals! I dare you to be inspired :) Tell your friends, family, co-workers & teen mentees about it as well!  I promise you, it will be beyond amazing & truly fulfilling… Can’t wait to see you!!  With Love, Nina Brown

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My Lil Bro… My Heart!

I saw when my lil bro, Noah tweeted this, but just now had the opportunity to hit the website, R.A.O.K. to read it in its entirety… *tears*  It’s truly challenging to watch the younger ones we love so much go through the obstaclesof life with no helmet to protect their head & no armour to protect their heart. And as life comes full circle, over and over again, you catch quick glimpses of their growth and those moments of calm make the memories of past pains fade to black… You always knew they were just going thru the growing pains of life as they developed into the individual God pre-destined them to be, but now witnessing the end result gives you the peace you always strived for. Continue reading »

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