#2010BookList — Happy Reading :)

These books made me better by inspiring me and keeping me encouraged!! Some of them I’m reading now, but most of them, I’ve read and would recommend to anyone!! Enjoy :)

The Daily God Book by Erin Keeley Marshall

The DGB is my faaaaavorite book.  I literally keep this one on the table next to my bed or in my handbag because it gets me thru every storm and just calms me overall. Its an amazing book to read for daily devotion. It’s extremely conversational and uses scriptures and spiritual/bible examples to reinforce everyday challenges.  I love how the back of the book references different emotions and lists the page that talks about how to deal with that specific emotion.  For example, when I was dealing with worry, I looked up “worry” in the back of the book, went to the page and read the passage that spoke directly about being worried.  It mentions a scripture, an example or story and my favorite part is the prayer at the end of each passage. It’s very easy to read and you do not need to be a walking, talking bible  to relate… This book is truly amazing.

The Blueprint by Kirk Franklin

The Blueprint had me absolutely captivated!! I read it from front to back on a 4hr flight to LA. lol. I laughed, I cried & I felt sooooooooo inspired. Kirk’s testimony is beyond amazing… Although, many of the things he went thru, I have not, I still felt like I could relate in a spiritual way.  It is so encouraging and there were sections of his testimony that I shared with friends because they experienced something similar… It was like paying the blessing forward… Every page was a defining moment. Great book for young adults trying to figure life out or older people who are still tryna figure it out (and everyone in between). I love that it’s not written by someone else, it’s written by Kirk, so his writing-style in the book is very much like his speaking style and personality… His energy is contagious!!  God really works thru him!

God is in the Small Stuff… and it all matters by Bruce & Stan

A lot of my most popular tweets were inspired by this book. Its a quick & easy read and many of the things mentioned are things we already know but just need to be reminded of. I still open this book up often to refer to a quote or section when I want spiritual clarity on an everyday situation. One of my favorite sections that gave me spiritual clarity was the section about compassion…  This book helped me understand the true meaning of compassion… Seeing people the way God sees them… Reading something as simple as that, inspired me to be a better person because now I strive to be more compassionate every day.  Bruce & Stan have written a series of these books: God is in the Small Stuff for tough times, marriages, teens, etc.

Prayers that Avail Much for Daily Living by Germaine Copeland

A daily devotion book and a great way to start or end your day with. A lil more formal than the first book I mentioned in regards to the way its written, but still a dynamic book that can be applied to daily living. I don’t know the bible front to back, but when they would reference some of the scriptures, I would google that specific scripture and further study it on my own… It gives you the best of both worlds and aides in personal bible study time :)

10 Secrets for Success & Inner Peace — and — Being in Balance (both books) by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I discovered these books last year, but refer to them OFTEN. Wayne Dyer is a phenomenal writer/speaker and speaks a lot about the law of attraction and speaking things into existence by using the Universe and the energy it bestows. His writing style is simple yet complex — meaning, it’s easy to understand on the surface, but provokes intense thoughts that make you think waaaay past the surface. 10 Secrets is one of my faaaavorite books in the world. It has an awesome section about realizing your purpose in life and the difference between passion and purpose. These books make great gifts!!

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Just started reading now, but have heard nothing but amazing things about this book. Taiye aka Wild Afrikan says this book is life-changing and I trust him totally :) Focuses on the now and taking control of your life by realizing the now. If you enjoy the Secret, you will LOVE this. If you understand the law of attraction, this book is a powerful follow-up!

Straight Talk, No Chaser by Steve Harvey

-Just started reading this as well, but I loved his first book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, so I have no doubt this one will be just as amazing. I got teary eyed within the first few pages when Steve mentions how he had to sit down and “take it all in” when his sons got accepted into Morehouse College and one said, “I hope to make you proud”. Steve’s reply to his son was so powerful… Steve replied, “I’m ALREADY proud of you, just give me something new to brag about” <– How amazing are those words!  I plan to use this with Jaylen and within my own circle of love.

and today, I just received a wonderful Christmas gift from my mentee, Jada Meadows and her parents, Nicole & Reggie… I haven’t started reading it, but I had to add it to the book list simply because of the title… dope, ain’t it :)

Daily Steps for God Chicks by Holly Wagner

As described on the cover, The 90-day devotional for Real Women! On the back it says: This fresh & engaging devotional focuses on the eight characteristics taken from Proverbs 31…. Spending time with God is so much more than a Christian duty — it’s a lifeline!! Page 1 says, “Tell God your biggest fear AND your biggest dream” <– I love this book ALREADY!!!  Thank you Jada, Nicole & Reggie… I love you guys!!

There’s the list :) Most of these books can be purchased at a discounted price online, so if you’re balling on a budget like me, you can shop around and compare prices. Also, Borders always emails e-coupons, and I usually tweet them so feel free to hit me if you’re wondering if I have one to share.

Happy Reading & God Bless :)

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